by Dianna Nicole

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True to her unique and engaging sound, Dianna has completed her second project. After releasing her single "My Way" in 2015, Dianna has continued to move forward with her music. This latest project, "Faithful" released in 2016. Featuring some favorites from Dianna, like "Forever" and "Thoughts of You". This EP is sure to capture your heart and encourage your spirit.


released April 6, 2016



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Dianna Nicole Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Faithful
At every turn I've seen your grace. And in my mess you've always made a way. When I'm confused and I'm deceived speak clearly so I can see. Faithful God faithful God faithful God. I’m not living by what I see, but in your word what you’ve promised me. Change my mind help me believe, so that I can see great things. Able God able God able God. What I'm seeing now doesn't line up with your word and what I am praying now may seem to sound absurd. But because your word is the truth, and because your word is the way, I command my life my mind to line up with it today. Faith ful God, Faithful Gid, Faithful God.
Track Name: Drown me
Drown me
Here I am all alone, standing unashamed; Waiting for your glory to hit me like a wave
Bowing low before you, I get down on my knees, knowing that you hear me, your love is what I need
So wash it through me; Lord pursue me, let it crash over my heart
Captivate me, overwhelm me, show my soul how great you are
Drown me
Bowing low before your throne, reverencing your name; Basking in your presence for by your grace I’m changed.
Letting go of every mindset that formed the former me; embracing your new nature, the cross has set me free
Washing over my flesh
Crashing over my mind
You’re not done with me yet
Transformation is mine
Track Name: Thoughts of you
Thoughts of you

I’m thinking of you in the fondest way, I’m thinking of you intentional praise
I’m thinking of you, longing to be intimate, I’m thinking of you, mutual involvement

My friend, my father, my hope, my comfort,
My joy, my guide, my discovery, my pride

My answer, my way, my peace, today
My strength, my protection, my pursuit , my direction

My wonder, my excitement, my anticipation, my enticement ,
My testimony, my story, my journey, my glory

My correction, my help, with you I’m not by myself
My constant, my love, my almighty high above

My gift, my choice, my lifestyle, my voice
My change, my dreams, my creator, my king

My light, my right, my purpose, my fight
My shepherd, my goal, my beauty to behold

My present, my future, Oh God, my rescuer
My all, my everything, every song, I’ll ever sing
Track Name: Forever
When I think about your love, I know it’s right
Cuz you’re the only one Who loved me beyond this life

Into forever you chase me,
Into forever you chase me
And I am yours always
I am yours
Until forever you love me
Until forever you love me
And I am yours
I am yours

You’re the only King that’s Holy, You’re the only King that’s Holy
You’re the only King that’s Holy, You are everlasting

You reign forever, You are God
You reign forever, You are God
You reign forever, You are God
Holy forever, you are God
Holy forever, you are God
Holy forever, you are God

When the mountains are no more
And the rain it falls no more
And the sun it shines no more
You are He
When the wind it blows no more
And the waves they storm no more
You are He, You are King